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Incident Reports

The following are some of the incidents of violence against Christians since Christmas 2003. Many others have gone unreported.


January - December 2010

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16th January 2010

Mathugama (Kalutara District)

The Pentecostal Assembly of Sri Lanka

At approximately 2 p.m., pastor's home was set on fire. 
The Pastor was asked to be present at the local Police Station on the 18th of January for an inquiry. Assuming it would be to investigate the burning of his house and his complaint where he indicated those whom he suspected of the crime, the Pastor arrived at the Police Station. However, he found a large gathering of villagers and Buddhist monks present at the Police Station. They loudly protested against any Christian worship taking place in the area. 

9th February 2010

Getalawa (Anuradhapura District)

Creator Almighty God Believers church



The pastor was threatened and warned by a few men not to stay in the area of Getalawa. He was told that he cannot engage in any Christian ministry and if he persists, he will be killed and thrown in to the Kokawewa Lake.

19th February 2010 Thirupenthurai (Batticaloa District) Living God Prayer Center The church was attacked by a mob at approximately 11.00 in the night.  

19th February 2010

Getalawa (Anuradhapura District)

Creator Almighty God Believers church

At approximately 11.00 a.m. after the service was concluded two Buddhist monks arrived at the church premises and threatened the pastor saying he should not come to the area for Christian work in the future. Meanwhile another monk ordered the pastor, his wife and sister-in-law to walk in a procession for nearly 3 kilometers. While they were being marched, they began to assault the pastor. Amidst the crowds the pastor’s wife and his sister-in-law were verbally abused.
Prior to this incident, on the 09th  of February  the pastor was threatened saying he cannot turn up in the future in this area for any Christian work, and if he does, would  be killed and thrown in to the ‘kokawewa’.
6th March 2010 Kalutara (Kalutara District) Church of the Foursquare Gospel    

The dedication service of the Pastor's residence was disrupted by a large mob of over 100 persons led by several Buddhist monks and individuals with close links to certain politicians. The mob shouted abuse at those gathered for the service and threatened the pastor to stop the service. They declared this was a Buddhist country and Christians need permission to conduct meetings and services and threatened those attending the service to leave the premises. Some of the monks sat inside the house and refused to leave. 

A complaint was lodged at the Kalutara Police by the pastor. The Police advised the Monks not to resort to violence but demanded the pastor to show prior authorization from the Ministry of Religious Affairs and the Kalutara Urban Council to engage in religious activity at the premises.



7th March 2010

Thirupenthurai (Batticaloa District)

Living God Prayer Center

A mob attacked the church at approximately 1.00 in the morning. A complaint was lodged at the Batticaloa police station in relation to the incident. This church was previously attacked on the 19th of February 2010.
22nd March 2010 Wellawaya (Monaragala District)  Assemblies of God At approximately 7.00 p.m. four youth who were on their way from a prayer meeting at the church were accosted and assaulted by the owner of a hotel which is located near the church, resulting in an altercation between them. The owner of the hotel claimed he sustained an injury and was hospitalized for treatment. The four youth were subsequently arrested by the Police, based on his false compliant alleging he was attacked by these four youth who are strangers to the village. 
Hotel owner has in recent months acted aggressively towards the congregation, hurling abuse at them while they went to the church. 
Later that same night, the church was stoned by unidentified persons.  
28th March 2010 Germanwatte, Pugoda (Gampaha District) Church of the Foursquare Gospel    At approximately 10.30 a.m. a mob of about 150 people led by 3 Buddhist monks forcibly entered the church premises. They hurled stones at the building and destroyed chairs and other furniture. The pastor was threatened with death by the mob who shouted at him to stop Christian worship in the area. Some of the attackers spat in the face of the elderly mother in law of the pastor who was present. The church suspended services due to the very tense and volatile situation that prevailed.
4th & 13th April 2010 Dolosbagaya, Nawalapitiya (Kandy District) The Apostolic Church
On 4 April a group of people hurled stones at the roof of the church, causing damage to the roof. 
Again on 13th April 2010 the church was attacked by an unidentified gang during the night. The pulpit, musical instruments and furniture used by the Sunday School children were removed from the building and set on fire. 
2nd May 2010 Bulathkohupitiya, (Kegalle District) Church of the Foursquare Gospel A group of 12 Christians headed by the pastor were assaulted and subjected to intimidation by a mob of about 500 people led by a Buddhist monk. The incident occurred at approximately 4.30 p.m. when the group of Christians were distributing leaflets in the village of Edurampolawatta, pertaining to a Christian film that was to be screened the following day.  
The group of Christians were humiliated and forced to walk a distance of approximately 3 kilometres to the Bulathkohupitiya town, while the mob shouted, threatened and beat them. The pastor was forced under duress to promise that they will not return to the village. 

2nd May 2010

Thirupenthurai (Batticaloa District)

Living God Prayer Center

The church was attacked by the same mob which carried out attacks on 19th February and 7th March 2010. This attack which took place around 12 mid night caused damage to 20 concrete pillars. 

3rd June 2010

Rajagahawatta, (Chilaw District)

Mahimaya Yesuta

At approximately 3 am, the modest church built using woven coconut leaves was set on fire, destroying it completely.     

24th June 2010

Rajagiriya, (Colombo District)

Calvary Christian Church

At approximately 4.00 P.M. the Church was demolished by the officials of the Urban Development Authority who arrived at its premises with a group of about 100 police officers including the O.I.C.s of the surrounding police stations using Backhoe equipment. The demolition took place amidst a strong protest led by the congregation. The incumbent, pastor Thiruchelvem who opposed the malicious action was assaulted by the police in public.

25th July 2010 Radawana, (Gampaha District) Church of the Foursquare Gospel
The pastor and his wife, who were on their way to a Church member’s house at approximately 10.30 a.m., were accosted by four men at a lonely junction. The men surrounded them and questioned them about the church ministry, verbally abusing the couple. The mob turned violent after a while, assaulting the pastor and his wife with their fists. They doused the beaten pastor with a bottle of engine oil, threatening him to stop his ministry. The pastor was admitted to hospital for treatment for minor injuries. 
8th August 2010 Bulathkohupitiya, (Kegalle District) Assemblies of God
At approximately 9.45 in the morning, while the pastor and his congregation were at prayer, a group of persons including his neighbor entered the premises and demanded that they stop worshipping. The prayer service was abandoned amidst the threats.              
24th October 2010 Bulathkohupitiya, (Kegalle District) Assemblies of God
During the Sunday service, 3 men who positioned themselves in neighbouring premises disrupted the service by shouting threats at the pastor and congregation. 
Last week of October 2010
An unidentified gang entered the premises while the pastor was away and set fire to chairs and mats which were used by the congregation for worship services. 
10th October 2010 Kalutara, (Kalutara District) Church of the Foursquare Gospel At approximately 10.25 in the morning a mob of about 35 people led by 6 Buddhist monks entered the Church premises and prevented the congregation from taking part in the Sunday service. They shouted threats at the pastor and assaulted him. The pulpit, musical instruments and the furniture were destroyed by the mob.






















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