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Incident Reports

The following are some of the incidents of violence against Christians since Christmas 2003. Many others have gone unreported.


January - December 2011

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5th January 2011

 Neluwa (Galle District)

 Cornerstone Church

The pastor and his family returned home in the night and were surprised by a man who had broken in to the house through a window. The intruder shouted threats at the pastor to stop conducting worship services and began assaulting the pastor. 

16th January 2011

 Elpitiya (Galle District)

 Assemblies of God 

At approximately 10.30 in the morning while a worship meeting was in progress, a group of youth from an area Buddhist association, on instruction of a monk, arrived at the premises and questioned the owner of the premises. He was questioned as to the nature of the gathering and the activities of the pastor who was conducting the worship. 

18th January 2011

 Norochcholai (Puttalam District)

 Assemblies of God

The ongoing reconstruction process of the Church was interrupted by a mob that arrived at the building site in the morning and shouted threats to stop construction. This church which was burned down on three previous occasions. The reconstruction all necessary permits. The pastor was instructed verbally by the authorities to stop construction with immediate effect. 

23rd January 2011

 Middeniya (Hambantota District)

Assemblies of God

The windows of the building were broken by a group of attackers during the night, while the pastor and his family were inside. In July 2008, they faced an arson attack carried out during the night, which caused damage to the building. 

20th February 2011

 Galkulana (Anuradhapura District)
Assemblies of God

A Christian family was celebrating the Birthday of one of the two daughters in the family at their home. The family also invited their pastor and his family to attend this simple family celebration. At approximately 3.00 p.m. a Buddhist monk followed by a large group of about 30 people forcibly entered their home. The monk assaulted the pastor and accused him of conducting Christian worship. The family’s membership with the village death donation society (maranadhara samithiya) has been terminated as per the advice of the monk, stating that non-Buddhists cannot be part of the society. The family has been ostracized by the village. 

7th March 2011

 Ingiriya (Kalutara District)

The Christian Fellowship Church (Independent church)

While the Kalutara Pastors Fellowship meeting was going on, at approximately 1.00 p.m. an unidentified group of men hurled stones at the Church premises interrupting the meeting. The roof of the building sustained damage.

8th March 2011

 Ingiriya (Kalutara District)

The Christian Fellowship Church (Independent church)

At approximately 1.00 a.m., two persons issued verbal threats and warned the pastor if he opens the door that they would kill him. 

16th March 2011

 Medirigiriya (Polonnaruwa District)
Assemblies of God

Four Buddhist youth from the area approached a Christian boy wanting to know more about Christianity. The boy referred them to his pastor who agreed to meet with the four youth and share about Christianity. Neither the pastor nor the boy from the church was aware that this was a trap set by the four youths. On the 16th March, the pastor met the four youth at approximately 4.00 p.m. at the home of the Christian boy and began sharing about his faith. A mob of about 20 people entered the premises began to assault him severely. The injured pastor on his way back was further humiliated by a Buddhist monk and others who stood by the roadside and taunted him. They threatened him not to return to the village. 

5th May 2011

 Arachchikattuwa (Chillaw District)

Church of the Foursquare Gospel

The church was in the process of constructing a building in a property owned by the church. During the night, the shed set up at the site for the workmen was burnt down, reportedly on the instructions of the chief Buddhist monk in the area. On the 10th of May 2011, a public protest was held and eventually led to the denying of permission to construct the building.  

8th May 2011
 Galkulana (Anuradhapura District)
Assemblies of God

A Christian family was visited by a group of men led by a Buddhist monk, demanding that they observe sil (Buddhist religious ritual). If they failed to comply, the family was threatened that they will be evicted from their home. 

5th June 2011

 Mahawewa, Marawila (Puttlam District)

Prayer Tower Church (Independent church)

The church was desecrated with human excrement thrown on the altar by unidentified persons. The service commenced as usual with about 300 worshippers. At approximately 10 a.m. they received information that a mob was on their way to disrupt the service. Within half an hour a mob of about 200 persons carrying placards forcibly entered the church premises and began shouting threats. A lay leader was beaten in the incident. They continued to shout and demand that the service must be stopped. Unable to control the mob, the police requested the pastor to stop the service and leave the church with the congregation. The pastor complied. 


18th June 2011

 Haguranketha (Nuwara Eliya District)

 Assemblies of God

During the night, an unidentified group of persons caused damage to the temporary building where the worship services were being held. The pastor had been threatened by a Buddhist monk on several previous occasions to stop all Christian activity and worship. 

8th July 2011

 Dehiwela (Colombo District)

 Kings Revival Church

Two Buddhist monks and authorities arrived at the premises and asked the pastor to stop the worship services.  A letter was also received by the owner of the building used by the church from the Divisional authorities to refrain from having worship services without permission from the Religious Affairs Ministry.  

10th July 2011
 Keviliyamaduwa (Ampara District)
Mount Carmel Church (Independent church)

At approximately 3.30 p.m. the pastor attended a meeting held in the village with regard to land distribution, convened by a senior Buddhist monk. At the meeting the pastor was assaulted by the Buddhist monk and others. Later the attackers followed him to his home and continued to verbally abuse him and members of his family. 

19th July 2011

 Dehiwinna, Bandarawela (Badulla District)

House of Prayer (Independent church)

At approximately 8 p.m. the homes of the five Christian families in the village were attacked by a mob of about 50 persons. The attackers threw rocks and stones at the houses damaging roofs and broke windows with clubs and rocks. 

1st August 2011
 Mahawewa (Chillaw District)

Prayer Tower Church (Independent church)

At approximately 6.30 p.m. unidentified persons broke in to the church. Christian books and literature were stolen from a cupboard. 

7th August 2011

 Nivithigala (Ratnapura District)

National Gospel Church (Independent church)

At approximately 4 p.m. the pastor received a telephone call from his landlord asking him to come to the nearby temple. Arriving at the temple, the pastor was met by a group of about 20 Buddhist monks who asked him to stop worship services and to vacate the premises he was occupying. He was further told that this is a Buddhist village and there is no room for Christians to live in this area. 

20th November 2011

 Rukmalgama (Colombo District)

At approximately 6.15 p.m. a mob of about 15 persons led by a Buddhist monk forcibly entered the premises of a prayer meeting. They assaulted the pastor, workers and members of the congregation and humiliated them by pouring cow dung on them. The mob also caused damage to furniture and other property. The Buddhist monk threatened the pastor and members with death and arson if they did not stop meeting together for worship.   
The pastor was instructed by the Police to discontinue worship gatherings. 

20th November 2011

(Badulla District)

Sahanayata Maga Drug Rehabilitation Centre run by Smyrna Church (Independent church)

The drug rehabilitation Centre run by the church was threatened with a public protest on the 20th of November 2011. Leaflets were distributed asking all shops to close down and display black flags. Approximately two weeks before this, two young boys who are being rehabilitated at the Centre were falsely accused of two separate incidents of robbery in the area and taken in to Police custody. The Centre has since closed down temporarily, to prevent any more inmates from being arrested under false accusations. 



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