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Incident Reports

The following are some of the incidents of violence against Christians since Christmas 2003. Many others have gone unreported.


July 2004 - February 2005

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3rd July


National Christian Evangelical Alliance of Sri Lanka (NCEASL) office

The NCEASL office was vandalized in what appeared to be a systematic search through desk drawers and filing cabinets. Locks were broken and contents scattered. Some money was taken, but it appeared to be in response to their first advertisement in the Daily News paper in a public awareness campaign.

1st Nov.

Korakandamulla, Matugama

An independent church

Attackers broke down the doors of an independent church then went to the pastor's living area.  In the presence of the two young children, the men slapped the pastor's wife and cut off her hair with a sword.  They then set fire to some furniture.

8th Nov.



A group of Buddhists staged a demonstration, delivering a petition to the Divisional Secretary against various churches in the area. They threatened serious violence unless action was taken against Christian fundamentalists.  Handbills were handed out calling on Buddhists to rise up against churches in the area. 

9th Nov.


Bethel Children's Home

The home, run by the Christian Revival Crusade, was damaged when a hand grenade was thrown at the building.  There were no injuries.

Leading up to 14th Nov.


Assembly of God

The church faced several attacks including having human excrement and engine oil thrown on the building.  A few days earlier, on November 9, the Bethel Children's Home run by the Christian Revival Crusade in Batticaloa was damaged when a hand grenade was thrown at the building.  No injuries were recorded.

19th Dec.


St. Michael's Church

The church was virtually destroyed when it was set on fire. 

Using two gas cylinders, petrol and two tires, the arsonists burned the roof, pews, statues, organ and other furniture, completely blackening the interior of the building.  Dad de Silva, a church official, told AP, "Our church is gone this time, nothing is left which is usable."

30th Dec.

Vaheneri, Batticaloa

Four Square Gospel Church

Homes of Christians were burnt down during the night. The families were attacked with iron rods and knives. Two persons suffered broken arms and one lady was badly wounded with a knife cut. They were chased from the village and the attackers took possession of their fishing boats and fields. The pastor was threatened not to return to the village unless he renounces his faith and becomes a Hindu.

26th Feb.

Valachchenai, Batticaloa District

NCEASL's Alliance Institute

Unidentified persons set fire to the workman's hut in the NCEASL premises. The Alliance Institute had previously encountered opposition in the form of a threatening letter sent in the latter part of 2004. The building work has been continuing slowly. A Police complaint was made.


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