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Incident Reports

The following are some of the incidents of violence against Christians since Christmas 2003. Many others have gone unreported.


May - October 2006

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6th May

Poddala (Galle District)

United Christian Fellowship

The United Christian Fellowship began constructing a community hall on the 2nd of May 2006, on land purchased by them in Poddala village. On the 6th May 2006, at approximately 3.30 p.m. a Buddhist monk accompanied by an unruly mob entered the premises and threatened the worker carrying out construction and the Pastor who was there helping him. The worker was taken by the collar and assaulted. Both were verbally abused and threatened that if they did not stop construction of this 'church' they will demolish and set fire to the building. The Pastor had informed them that this was not a Church but a community hall.

The worker has since stopped construction in fear of attack. The incident was reported to the Poddala Police.

1st July

Hapugastenne (Ratnapura District)

The Harvest International Church

At approximately 8 am, a mob attacked those living in the house which the Church had purchased in June 2006. Two young men (workers of the Church) were seriously injured. They were admitted to the Ratnapura hospital for treatment, with one requiring surgery.

Belongings were smashed and looted. The mob left, warning the Church must close down or they will kill the Pastor and his family. Incident was reported to the Wewalwatte Police post.

6th August

Balana (District of Kandy)

Dutch Reformed Church

Sunday 6th  August, 2006 - the Dutch Reformed Church (DRC) Children’s Home at  Balana attacked by a mob who planted a Buddhist flag on the roof. House parents  threatened with death.

This attack came after posters were put up, demanding that the Church must cease renovation work on the building. The Church was carrying out repairs to reopen the Home for orphans.  A mob of about 200 people with 3 Buddhist monks entered the premises by force and assaulted workers. Stones were thrown at the Home, breaking roofing tiles. The rainwater gutters were broken and pulled down. A Buddhist flag was hoisted on the roof.  The fence around the property was completely destroyed.  This was the third time the fence was broken.

In addition to the damage caused to the property, the DRC ministry workers and the house parents who residing on the premises were threatened. The mob threatened the house parents that if they do not leave the premises, they will be burned alive.  On Sunday night, the house parents left the Children’s home in fear. A Police entry was made. 

14th September


Glorious Church of Jesus Christ

The Church was completely guttered by fire during the night. Heavy winds made it difficult to put out the fire and it spread quickly.

17th September


King's Revival Church

The van belonging to the Pastor was damaged by unknown persons. He has also received threats.

27th September


AOG Church

The Pastor was summoned to the Police station on a complaint made by a neighbour that the Church was disturbing the neighbourhood. The Pastor was advised by the Police to continue services, but with minimal sound.

7th October


AOG Church

A couple visiting the house of the pastor were accosted by some persons. They were threatened not to visit the Pastor and verbally abused.

13th October


Prayer Centre (Independent)

The Prayer Centre was set on fire during the night by unidentified persons. Some of the items including an electronic keyboard, carpet and mats were stolen. Bibles and hymn books were burnt. Thankfully the fire had not spread. The interior of the building was also desecrated with human waste.

The Pastor and his wife usually sleep in the building to protect the premises. However, on this day they were away and the building was left unattended.

23rd October

Gonawela (Kurunegala  District)

Vinyard Community Church

A Church member and his family who were guarding the Church were threatened and the man beaten up with a clubs by 5 men who arrived at the Church at midnight and claimed to be Police officers. They had also damaged the electricity supply to the Church. A gold necklace worn by one of the women was snatched. The child was caught and shaken aggressively. They threatened the family to leave. Flower pots, vases, and other breakable items were smashed on the floor and destroyed.

The injured worker was  admitted to the Ragama hospital. He was passing blood with his urine and suffering from severe pain in his lower abdomen.

27th October


Private Schools

Threatening letters by an anonymous group demanding Catholic and Christian schools and even private Montessoris in and around Colombo to cancel all Christmas programmes has sent shock waves among school authorities.

Some schools have reportedly received anonymous calls warning that stern action would be taken on those schools if they went ahead with the Christmas programmes.

29th October

Yakkala (Gampaha District)

AOG Church

At approximately 8.45 AM, while the congregation gathered for the Sunday morning service, a group of about 50 persons with 4 Buddhist monks, inducing the chief incumbent of the village temple arrived at the Church. The chief monk and some of the others demanded that the worship service must be cancelled. The Pastor was threatened to stop holding services. He was told that this is a Buddhist village and there was no need for a Christian church. The Church was further accused of conducting unethical conversions by offering money. The Pastor reasoned that these were unfounded accusations and that he and the Christians who attend the worship services have an equal right as citizens of this country to be there and to practice any religion of their choice. However, in fear of physical attack and harm to his congregation, the Pastor reluctantly agreed to cancel the service for that day. He was given an ultimatum to decide with his superiors whether he wants to close down the Church or face consequences.

30th October

Gonawela (Kurunegala  District)

Vinyard Community Church

About 10 men carrying 2 guns arrived at the Church, threatened the couple who were guarding the Church and attempted to set the Church on fire. However, thankfully, the building did not catch fire.

30th October

Polhena (Galle District)

Calvary Chapel of Lanka

The Pastor was accosted by a some men in the town at approximately 9 am. About 2 or 3 persons beat him up while others watched. He was admitted to the Matara hospital and treated for injuries to his arm.


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