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Special Release on Report of the Presidential Commission to Inquire the Death of Ve. Soma Thero

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Christian conspiracy behind Ven. Soma Thero's death - Commission Report.
The commission appointed by the President to inquire in to the death of Ven. Soma Thero handed in their report to President Chandrika Kumaratunga on Thursday 20th October 2005.

Two of the three members of the commission concluded that a Christian fundamentalist conspiracy led to the monk's death. This conclusion was reached by the chairman of the Commission G. W. Edirisuriya (retired judge of the Court of Appeal) and Dr. Anula Wijesundera.

A dissenting opinion was expressed by the third member of the Commission Professor Mendis Rohanadeera, who concluded that there was no conspiracy behind the monk's death and that he died of natural causes.

The timing of this report is significant, as the country is gearing up for a keenly fought and crucial Presidential election on the 17th of November 2005. There is concern that the findings of the Commission may fan anti-Christian feelings and violence as was experienced in December 2003, after the monk's death.

Please pray that justice and peace will prevail.

Ven. Soma Thero's death occurred while he was visiting Russia to receive an honorary doctorate from an obscure Russian institution in December 2003. His death sparked massive protests and mass hysteria with claims that he was murdered by Christians. There were intelligence reports of a plan to unleash violence on Christians after the monk's funeral on Christmas eve, prompting the President to deploy troops and Police to guard places of Christian worship. It was in the wake of Ven. Soma's Thero's death that the Jathika Hela Urumaya (JHU) Buddhist nationalist party emerged, with 9 monks entering Parliament at the following General Election.


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